About Us

Sheth Group has been established in the year 1992. It was founded as a land development and building construction company. We have surveyed the current market at that time and found that there is a large vacuum in the construction activity for the middle income group. We have found that 80% of the societies are in the middle income group or lower income group, where only 20% of the estate developers serve the income group.

The group has decided to serve the middle income group and has started several land development and building plans and has been successful. We have sold the developed land by giving a monthly installment to the customer and have proven that by giving monthly installments, we can attract the middle and lower middle income group segment.

Our group has decided to expand their activities in the manufacturing sector. We have established 4 units of RCC Pole (for the purpose of electricity flow) during the 8 year period. We are providing RCC polls to the Gujarat Electricity Board for the purpose of electricity transmission. Our factories are located in Bhavnagar, Dhandhuka, Vapi and Bharuch.

To match the current era, we have decided to expand the filing of software development and have established software development department in the year 2003.

At present, we are taking the lead of computer software Development Company for rural level software. Our 9 software products are available in the market. In the year 2005, the company has decided to launch a unique Idea; "A Tyler Med Residential Township" It may be the first time in the history of estate development that anyone has started a plan without getting land. We have announced that after getting a consultation about customer needs and within a month of the token deposit, you need your views, ideas and home / land / location; We will buy the land and complete your needs.

Surprisingly, our company has received a lot of feedback and after that we have launched 4 luxury residential townships; "SWAPNA SRUSTI"; For the middle income group, we have taken care that the unit cost of the tannery is about Rs. 4 to 7 lakhs.

Company’s Future Plans

The company has experienced tremendous response from the market without buying land, and after that the company has started 4 luxury residential townships; "SWAPNA SRUSTI"; For the middle income group, we have taken care that the unit cost of the tannery is about Rs. 4 to 6 lakh due to the success of this scheme, we have found that there is a demand for middle income group and lower middle income group and if we start this income group's plan, we will not face any problem for sale in financial depression / emergency times. . . The demand of middle income groups and lower middle income groups is a demand based demand and not for investment. We can say that it is a permanent market.

Bhavnagar has its own limits for the growth of the city and the company cannot expand further from this level in Bhavnagar. So, we have planned to spread our wings in the B-class city of Gujarat; So Navsari, Mehsana, Anand etc. The fact is that the cost of construction is not different from one city to another, where the cost of land is higher in A-category City than B-Category City.

Therefore, the reason for launching the project in B-category city is to reduce initial finance and to get big projects with very little investment. The company plans to launch Dreams Shruti type project in 10 different B-category cities. In the second phase, B & C Category City will have 60 township projects and in the third phase, the company will plunge into an integrated township project in A & B Category City. During this expansion process, the company will start its own brick plant, unit plant, stone quarry and steel plant etc.

Since 1992, more than 25 years of experience in the Indian real estate sector, today Sheth Construction Group is an ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Company, which has emerged as one of Gujarat's most preferred developers, which adds bigger and more challenging projects every year. Today, this group provides upscale Township, Residential Complexes, Office Space and Shopping Epson in the main locations of the state of Gujarat.

Our group has started construction of its first project, a 5-storey residential building of 12500 square feet of 'Swapnalok Flats' in 1992, and has successfully completed the name and builder in Bhavnagar. After that we have completed the 'Setbunth Flats', 'Shiv Tenements', and 'Soomeshwar Nagar', among other 3 residential plans, of which there are a total of 30000 square feet.

Development plan prepared by Bhavnagar Area Development Authority (Bada) for the expansion of Bhavnagar city, in which surrounding suburban villages include Tarsemia, Akawada, Adyahada, Siddar, Chitra and Vartej. Every suburban village is about three to eight kilometers away from the city. Our company took advantage of developing a town planning plan and started offering comfortable homes within reach of the middle income group.

In 1993, our group started the estate development work for the people's middle income group. Our plans 'Somnath Nagar-1, 2, 3, and 4' have received heavy response from the society. This was a new idea to sell a plot by a monthly installment. Installment facilities which attract them because they can own their home in the area of Bhavnagar city and can get the facility provided by the development authority and develop. Many people responded well to this plan with a very modest installment for a longer period. And in no time our group has finished the entire plan together. Selection of the area was mainly from Bhavnagar city's entry point. Total 67000 square yard land was sold under the schemes.

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