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Swapna Sakar Township
Swapna Sakar Township - Fulsar – Bhavnagar
Swapna Srushti Township
Swapna Srushti Township - Palitana
Swapna Srushti Township
Swapna Srushti Township - Palitana

Swapna Sakar & Swapna Srushti

Affordable Housing Scheme

Since 1992, more than 25 years of experience in the Indian real estate sector, today Sheth Construction Group is an ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Company, which has emerged as one of the most preferred developers in Gujarat, which adds bigger and more challenging projects every year. Today, this group provides upscale townships, residential complexes, office space and shopping centers in major locations of Gujarat state.

Our group has started construction of its first project, the construction of a 5-storey residential building of 12500 square feet 'Swapnalok Flats' in 1992, and has successfully completed the name and builder in Bhavnagar. After that we have completed the 'Setu-Bandh Flats', 'Shiv Tenements', and 'Soomeshwar Nagar', among other 3 residential plans, of which there are a total of 30000 square feet.

Development plan prepared by Bhavnagar Area Development Authority (Bada) for the expansion of Bhavnagar city, in which surrounding suburban villages include Tarsemia, Akawada, Adyahada, Siddar, Chitra and Vartej. Every suburban village is about three to eight kilometers away from the city. Our company took advantage of developing a town planning plan and started offering comfortable homes within reach of the middle income group.

In 1993, our group started the estate development work for the people's middle income group. Our plans 'Somnath Nagar-1, 2, 3, and 4' have received heavy response from the society. This was a new idea to sell a plot by a monthly installment. Installment facilities which attract them because they can own their home in the area of Bhavnagar city and can get the facility provided by the development authority and develop. Many people responded well to this plan with a very modest installment for a longer period. And in no time our group has finished the entire plan together. Selection of the area was mainly from Bhavnagar city's entry point. Total 67000 square yard land was sold under the schemes.

Our group also undertook construction work for P & T, government, semi government. In the last 25 years, the construction work of the organization and the factory. After achieving big success, for the first time in the history of construction and development in Bhavnagar, our group accepted the concept of 'Tyler Mad Township' in the dream township projects of Dream Shruti and Dream Shilp, where the customer can choose from the options. The different sizes of plot and the required amount of construction i.e. 2 rooms, 3 rooms or 4 rooms - in the kitchen; on any type of plot means; 100, 150 or 200 square yards. After meeting with heartfelt acceptance and blessings, the group has continued to introduce a new plan every year or two

Today, after identifying the basic needs of a common man, our group is still working on fulfilling every dream of 'Housing House' in 'living organisms' but standard quality.