Selan Consultancy

Selan Project Consultant Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to present a Business profile for the project of Town Planning. Considering the higher magnitude of planning projects coming up and scarcity of good planners, we present the better solution here with.

Brief Introduction

Selan Project Consultant Pvt. Ltd. has emerged with very interesting facts that at the time of first stage. We have invited technical experts of different field; who are having vast experience and qualification in their own field; to launch this company of multi- disciplinary technical services. Company is having technical experts on board having experience in the field of Town Planning, Architectural Planning, Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Interior Designing and Software Development.

As every company is having financial requirement to boost up, “Selan” is also having same requirement and our M.D. has joined hand with well-known business group, who is having background in the field of Software Development, Solar Product Planning and Transmission Pole Manufacturing. This way company is standing on strong footing of Technocrat and Finance.

The idea or motto behind starting this organization is to give our rich experience to settlements desirous to have planned development. We united as qualified individuals and made this organization.

Company Set Up

Our biggest asset is our highly experienced & dynamic team. Our team members are highly educated and experienced, with good interpersonal skills and a positive attitude. Each of the members is a well-motivated and organized employee being able to bring a depth of talent and creativity to the company. We have different offices at Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad, and Vapi as well.

We have an organizational hierarchy where all the working individuals are best qualified in their fields. Our Managing Director is a Government Retired Town.

Planning Officer & Directors Civil Engineering. We have in house Town Planner who is having more than 30 years experience of town planning in Government of Gujarat. We have worked on Development Plan of more than 10 cities of Gujarat. We have in house Architecture, Interior Designer & Structural Designer, who is having more than 20 years experience and they have worked in more than 8 cities of Gujarat.

Here we can say that you will find a best cluster of qualified individuals with us and you can expect an innovative work from our organization. You will also have full faith on us after looking at the profiles of the directors and our past experience details.

Proposed Position for the Project Employment Status with Firm (full time regular staff or other) Education/ Degree (Year/Institution) No. of Years of relevant project experience
Project Manager/Team Leader Director, Full Time Reti. Govt. Officer Dip. Civil More Than 30 Yrs. As Town Planning Officer
Architecture Panel Consultant B. Architect 25 Yrs.
Urban Planner Panel Consultant B. E. Civil, Master of Urban Planning 10 Yrs.
Structural Designer Panel Consultant B. E. (Civil ), M. E. Struc. (C.A.S.A.D) 17 Yrs.
Executive Engineer (Civil) -1 Director, Full Time B. Civil 24 Yrs.
Executive Engineer (Civil) -2 Director, Full Time B. Tech Construction 17 Yrs.
Assistant Engineer (Civil) -1 Full Time B. E. Civil 3 Yrs.
Assistant Engineer (Civil) -2 Full Time B. E. Civil 1 Yrs.
Assistant Engineer (Civil) -3 Full Time B. E. Civil 1 Yrs.
Assistant Engineer (Civil) -4 Full Time B. E. Civil 1 Yrs.
Electrical Engineer Panel Consultant D. E. Electrical 33 Yrs.
Mechanical Engineer Panel Consultant B. E. Mechanical 23 Yrs.
Work assistant (Civil) -1 Full Time Dip. Civil 2 Yrs.
Work assistant (Civil) -2 Full Time B. E. Civil 1 Yrs.
Accountant Full Time M. Com. 4 Yrs.
Office Assistant -1 Full Time Dip. Civil 7 Yrs.
Office Assistant -2 Full Time Dip. Civil 20 Yrs.
Our Basic Fundamentals for Better Architectural Practice is as follow:
  1. Developing a clear and stable structural system within the innovative complexion of planning.
  2. Developing a macro level master planning with preserving the micro level resolution.
  3. Incorporating a green building technology to make the building more and more energy efficient.
  4. Tropical Climate oriented design and material exploration which can use Maximum natural light and cross ventilation.
  5. Maintaining the effective connectivity between the built and open landscape.
  6. Provision of technology which can utilize the maximum natural resources.
  7. Innovative planning to evolve a unique and effective panorama.

We have provided consultancy work for optimization of solid waste management system or civil or structural work for new or renovation work at different city which includes following methodology:

  1. Literature review
  2. Field Surveys
  3. Data collection and analysis
  4. Contouring and map surveys if required
  5. Planning & Designing of proposed work
  6. Execution methodology
  7. Estimating & costing of proposed work
  8. Assessment of transportation system
  9. Application of Linear Programming Technique
  10. Calculation for the volume of residue after treatment of solid waste.
  11. To develop layout planning for Municipal Solid waste Landfill site in accordance with directive of Supreme Court and as per guideline of GPCB.

We have also carried out the same consultancy work for optimization of solid waste management system at some city in behalf of Mrugee Business Services Pvt. Ltd. We are giving very economical solutions, which will save your cost of project.

Competency Work Can Be Handled By Our Company

Main part of our services are narrated below

  1. Architectural Planning & Landscaping
  2. Planning & Designing Of Civil Work
  3. Structural Analysis, Design and Execution Drawings.
  4. Interior Designing, and Detailed Drawing Work for Execution.
  5. Electrification and Drainage System Analysis and Execution Drawings.
  6. Survey and Counter Mapping Work.
  7. Estimating and Costing Work of Proposed Work.
  8. Analysis of Solid Waste Generated.
  9. Analysis of Ground Water Quality.
  10. Information about Drainage Pattern.
  11. Analysis of Ambient Air Monitoring.
  12. To Develop Designing For Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Site In Accordance With Directive of Supreme Court And As Per Guideline Of GPCB.
  13. To Provide Brochure for Routine Procedure for Operation of Dumping of Material.
  14. To Provide Brochure for Routine Procedure For Maintenance of The Site.
  15. Required Sets of Drawing With Brief Note for Steps And Care To Be Taken During Construction Work.
  16. Limited Supervision Work, Required for Specialized Construction Work.
Advantages with our Company
  1. We are in this field since last so many years.
  2. In the field of Architecture we have design variety of projects like Manufacturing units, Office buildings, College Campus, Townships etc.
  3. Architectural designing and landscaping for variety of works has increased the expertise of our team.
  4. We have served different type of organization structure and industry which helps us to understand work specific requirement of our client which in turn helps us to gives best quality of work and services.
  5. We have served Government authorities, individual to big organization as well as NGOs.
  6. We are giving very economical solutions, which will save your cost of project.
  7. There are five technically qualified people in team, having Experience & Qualification for Architecture, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering and Environmental Engineering.
  8. For consultancy work only “Charge” should not be criteria. Work Experience and Qualification and Economical design should also be considered. The all the three points will be fulfilled by our company.
  9. Our all the team members are fully equipped with computer & communication facility and capable to handle all those.
  10. Civil and Structural Engineering Qualification and Experience are required for Planning & Designing and Structural Stability of old buildings. We have Highly Experience and Highly Qualified person available in our team, who is having Degree of Civil Engineering and Master Degree of Structural Engineering with concrete experience of 12 years.
  11. Our company is well known and proved her capacity in this field in past.