About Us


Since 1992, with more than 25 years of experience in the Indian real estate sector today, Sheth Construction Group is an ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Company, which has emerged as one of Gujarat's most preferred developers, adding bigger and more challenging projects every year. Today, this group provides upscale Township, Residential Complexes, and Office Space in the main locations of the state of Gujarat.

We have branched out and in addition to Real Estate, we have joined the fields of Manufacturing, IT Services, Consultancy Services, and Innovation as well.


Company’s Future Plans

We lead the change & transformation.

Innovative Tech & IT Products

We will continue to innovate with our dedicated R&D department, by investigating the needs of both businesses and customers, creating new products that can help millions of people in our country and usher in a better future. Our new ideas will help people save time and money, and we will also improve the durability, affordability and convenience of existing systems. Our products will provide benefits to society. Working with the latest technologies, our IT creations will improve not just the customers’ lives but also the IT field itself

Accelerator & Investment Fund

We are providing Accelerator and Incubator service as well as Support Capital to new startups with fresh ideas. We believe in nurturing the growth of young entrepreneurs who are going to have a positive impact on the future. We will continue to pave the way for these new innovators and visionaries, helping them on the road to success; because without new ideas, the market, the industries and even society will become stagnant. We will lend a helping hand in new ventures that will shake up the economy positively.

Government Projects

We will continue providing our services to various projects carried out by the local, state and national Governments of our country. Governments regularly launch many different types of schemes for the welfare of their citizens and we can ensure that these projects are completed efficiently while conforming to national and international standards. Our diverse experience allows us to assist in many different industry types and we can use our expertise to indirectly benefit our fellow citizens by participating in Government Schemes.

Real Estate Expansion

We started our work with the real estate sector and it still remains an important part of our company’s agenda as we intend to expand our reach even further than before. We will start manufacturing our own construction materials to ensure we can build homes that are affordable for all. Our goal is to provide Affordable Housing to all Middle Income and Lower Middle Income citizens across Gujarat and eventually India. We believe that everyone should be able to live the dream of owning a home and we strive to fulfill it for our fellow Indians.