Innovation Hub


Sheth Saga Infinite Pvt. Ltd. is where new ideas are born. We strive to bring about positive change with our new innovations.

Not content with being the same as everyone else in the field, we started this company to fuel the invention of products such as the 'Innovative Modular Toilet’, KeVi Mart, N-Presence, DYTS - Dynamic Traffic Surveillance, VECA, Roader, Unibro, Builders’ Corner, etc.

We believe that innovation is the key to success and encourage everyone to never stop learning and imagining.

Importance of Innovation

Innovation is the key to progress. While some believe in the mantra of “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” and stay content with the status quo, we know that change is an inevitable part of life. You can either be part of the change, flow with it, or resist it, and we choose to be the ones playing an important role in it.

Innovation ultimately helps everyone, and we as patriots, want to help our nation, India, keep growing forever. If we didn’t have innovators like Aryabhatta and Jagadish Chandra Bose, the world would not have the decimals, antennas, microwave communication, Wifi, and many other modern systems that are used daily now. While we may never have as big an impact as them, we will still try to do our best to bring positive change in our environment.

A single innovation can spark countless others. A product that might seem revolutionary in a single field, might be put to use in multiple unanticipated fields. Thus, any innovation has the potential to grow exponentially, depending on the intelligence and imagination of people.

The leading fields of innovation today are Information Technology, Nanotechnology, Energy, Security, Automation, Defense and Artificial Intelligence. We like to focus on these, but we are willing to work on any type of innovation that has potential to bring efficiency, security or any other type of positive change to others.

Our Research and Development team is constantly imagining new innovative ideas and we have turned many of them into reality. We are also looking to promote and support other young minds that have innovations of their own in any field by investing in them.

Our Projects